Friday, December 1, 2023

Two people present at the DeSantis/Newsom debate said that California first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom was the one who stepped in and ended the debate on her husband’s behalf after Hannity invited the two governors to go deeper into overtime.
“Gavin Newsom got beat so badly last night his wife literally had to throw in the towel for him. It was embarrassing,” DeSantis spokesperson Andrew Romeo said.
The statement is at odds with a tweet Newsom posted sometime after the debate, where he suggested he could have stayed longer.
The DeSantis campaign had a little fun with it: 

 Playboy Magazine - Entertainment For Men - First Issue - 12.1953

The first issue of Playboy Magazine, in December 1953, was undated, as Hefner was unsure there would be a second issue. Hefner produced the magazine in his Hyde Park kitchen. The first centerfold was Marilyn Monroe, although the picture used was originally taken for a calendar, rather than Playboy. Hefner chose what he deemed the “sexiest” image, a previously unused nude pose of Marilyn stretched out with an upraised arm on a red velvet background with closed eyes and open mouth. The heavy promotion centered around Marilyn’s nudity on the already famous calendar, together with the teasers in marketing, made the new Playboy magazine a success. The first issue sold out in weeks. Known circulation was 53,991. The cover price was 50 cents.
Copies of mint to near mint condition sold for over $65,000 in 2019.


Elon Musks Tells Advertisers Trying to “Blackmail” Him: “Go F***k Yourself.” (VIDEO)

The owner of X, Elon Musk, had some choice words for advertisers trying to blackmail him.
Musk, while speaking at the 2023 DealBook Summit in New York, shared, “If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f—yourself.”
Musk continued, “Don’t advertise.”
The founder of Tesla concluded his statement by saying, “Hi, Bob,”  which was a shot at the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger.
Disney previously decided to pull ads off X after hit pieces written by Media Matters, CNN, and CNBC falsely painted Musk as antisemitic.
Per NBC:
Speaking at the 2023 DealBook Summit in New York on Wednesday, Elon Musk, the owner of social media site X (formerly Twitter), scoffed at advertisers boycotting the platform because of because of antisemitic posts he amplified there.
“If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f—yourself.” He added, “Don’t advertise.”
He also implied that fans of his, and of X, would boycott those advertisers in kind. He specifically took aim at Disney.

 Hey Leroy, if you're not using 'Ya Sista's Ass' this weekend can use it?


 Random Memes/Cartoons Dump


1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Southern Charcuterie Board

If you look long enough, a burger will appear

One of the lessons I learned as a child was never grab a bantam chick if the mother was anywhere around, they have no fear.

Bob Iger says Disney lost sight of its role to entertain rather than push messaging.
NEW YORK – Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said the company has lost sight of their role in the entertainment industry at the New York Times DealBook Summit this week.

(I say it’s too damn late. You were warned, over and over and over and still you tried to push child abuse and wokeness on a mostly unwilling audience. I hope Disney loses enough of it’s revenue base to hurt everyone in the top echelon. Go Woke, Go Broke.)According to CNBC reporter Alex Sherman, Iger said at the forum that Disney must primarily entertain, and that their role is not just to push messaging.
“He says it got worse when he left as CEO/Chairman,” Sherman reported.
“For the first time, he’s talking about how they need to focus on delighting audiences, and the storytelling, rather than what he calls ‘the messaging’ in the movies,” said Matt Belloni, a founding partner of Puck News.
“The wokeness is an issue,” he said. “That’s what Iger is saying. He’s saying that the messaging in the movies is a problem for them.”
“He’s acknowledging all the noise out there, about how audiences – they don’t like some of the moves Disney has made with their casting choices, and with their characters and messaging in the movies,” Belloni said. “He wants them to pull back on that and focus on the storytelling.”
For example, Disney casted Halle Bailey to play as Ariel in a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, an instance of the main character’s physical features not resembling the original story, which was a move that caused backlash among some viewers over focusing on race rather than accuracy.
Iger’s comments this week come shortly after the company warned in a recent SEC filing that there are present “risks” to their brand and reputation over the company continuing to pursue environmental and “social goals.”
“Generally, our revenues and profitability are adversely impacted when our entertainment offerings and products, as well as our methods to make our offerings and products available to consumers, do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance,” the company said. “Consumer tastes and preferences impact, among other items, revenue from [a variety of sources].”
Iger also recently said the company wants to “quiet the noise” in the cultural war.
Polling has also found an adverse relationship from consumers based on political affiliation against Disney.
Disney had gained exposure on political issues in 2022 when they opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which restricted gender identity and sexual orientation teachings in grades K-3. Those restrictions have since been expanded to all grades with some exceptions.
Gov. Ron DeSantis was at the forefront of battling Disney, a topic he’s touted throughout his 2024 primary campaign.
The governor and his appointed board overseeing the Walt Disney World area have also been embattled in a legal dispute over the district’s authority.
Despite the worries and the feud with Florida, the company has nonetheless said it will invest billions in its Florida attractions.
Recently, DeSantis said he has “moved on” from the Disney feud. He’s maintained that he has won against the company.
“Apart from Florida, Disney has had a lot of problems and I think that the skirmish they got in with these young kids [K-3 Parental Rights bill] – I think that’s a symptom of why they’re not doing as well,” the governor said to CNBC. “Parents have lost some confidence.”
“But, where we are today – you know – we basically moved on,” he said. “They’re suing the state of Florida, they’re going to lose that lawsuit. So what I would say is, drop the lawsuit.”
Disney is seeking to cut additional costs after a slight rebound in the fourth quarter for revenue.
After becoming the company’s CEO in 2022, Iger said he planned to “quiet things down” with regard to the battle with DeSantis and Florida.

On This Date In Music

1966 - The Mamas and The Papas' album ‘Cass, John, Michelle and Denny’ is certified gold.


1967 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their second studio album Axis: Bold as Love.

2012 - San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders declares "Peaceful Easy Feeling Day" in honor of Jack Tempchin, who wrote the Eagles hit ’In the city’. The ceremony takes place at a hot dog joint called “Der Wienerschnitzel,” where he wrote the last verse while waiting for his order. Tempchin is presented with a golden wiener at the event. 


 On This Date In History

On December 1, 1913, Henry Ford installs the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile. His innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from more than 12 hours to one hour and 33 minutes.
Ford’s Model T, introduced in 1908, was simple, sturdy and relatively inexpensive, but not inexpensive enough for Ford, who was determined to build “motor car[s] for the great multitude.” (“When I’m through,” he said, “about everybody will have one.”) In order to lower the price of his cars, Ford figured, he would just have to find a way to build them more efficiently.
Ford had been trying to increase his factories’ productivity for years. The workers who built his Model N cars (the Model T’s predecessor) arranged the parts in a row on the floor, put the under-construction auto on skids and dragged it down the line as they worked. Later, the streamlining process grew more sophisticated. Ford broke the Model T’s assembly into 84 discrete steps, for example, and trained each of his workers to do just one. He also hired motion-study expert Frederick Taylor to make those jobs even more efficient. Meanwhile, he built machines that could stamp out parts automatically (and much more quickly than even the fastest human worker could).
The most significant piece of Ford’s efficiency crusade was the assembly line. Inspired by the continuous-flow production methods used by flour mills, breweries, canneries and industrial bakeries, along with the disassembly of animal carcasses in Chicago’s meat-packing plants, Ford installed moving lines for bits and pieces of the manufacturing process: For instance, workers built motors and transmissions on rope-and-pulley powered conveyor belts. In December 1913, he unveiled the pièce de résistance: the moving-chassis assembly line.
In February 1914, he added a mechanized belt that chugged along at a speed of six feet per minute. As the pace accelerated, Ford produced more and more cars, and on June 4, 1924, the 10-millionth Model T rolled off the Highland Park assembly line. Though the Model T did not last much longer, by the middle of the 1920s, customers wanted a car that was inexpensive and had all the bells and whistles that the Model T scorned, it had ushered in the era of the automobile for everyone.



Thursday, November 30, 2023

All the hateful wanna-be's attending former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's funeral are so jealous of the most beautiful First Lady we've ever had, Melania Trump, that they can't get the uppity stink-eye off their faces. Although, to be fair, you couldn't scrub the fugly off Michael's face with Ajax and a pack of Brillo pads.

UPDATE: Three Israeli civilian citizens killed in this terrorist attack.

This is what Palestinians/Hamas call a cease-fire … it means that Israel is supposed to stop shooting back. They are filthy fatherless barbarians and they cannot be appeased. They need to be crushed until anyone and everyone who identifies as belonging to Hamas is eliminated.
I make little distinction between Hamas and Palestinians … Palestinians voted for Hamas which means they believe in Hamas ideologies and policies.

It looks like they let the driver live … bad mistake, he will try it again. KILL ‘EM ALL, let God sort ‘em out.

Two people present at the DeSantis/Newsom debate said that California first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom was the one who stepped in and en...